Good Edification

it's all about Jesus😍


He chose to love me …when I had no love for him

He chose to bear my sins… allowing me to share his righteousness.

He chose to deliver me… From destruction yes even from self destruction.

He chose to pursue me… I ran with my eyes covered peeping through my hands until he peeled back the veil to show me my choice of road

He chose to call me again and again… I FINALY ran to him with my answer YES.

He chose to save me…Before I fully understood redemption.

He chose to fill me with his Spirit… He sealed me with his Spirit now I speak with other tongues.

He chose to covenant with me… Now i can have the promises too.

He chose to never forsake me…

He chose to live in me…

He chose to protect me…

He chose to give me grace …

He chose to give me mercy…

He chose to keep me…

He chose he chose me.

He chose to love me.

I chose to worship him.

…to adore him.

…to seek him.

…to praise him.

…to share him.

…to give my life back to him.

Thank you Jesus!!!

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Liberated: change through love 5/9/19

The love of christ compels me to be nice even when I don’t want to be. If I’m driven by his Spirit you can tell, if I allow my flesh to drive me you can tell. In the name the name of Jesus I bind “flesh back to the cross.” Christ is mt catalyst and the origin of my love.

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Liberated: Gods searched 5/8/19

Praise in my thoughts… No matter if the world thinks your strange➡🙋God searches the heart and digs out beauty for ashes:) its difficult not love a God who gives immeasurably and ask for a measure of time and effort. What an authentic God I serve from morality to eternity Jesus I love you!!

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Liberated: encouragement 5/7/19

Reading … Especially Gods word opens up k

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Thought for today: Spiritual gardeners trajectory

So the Lord laid this in my mind (I have to give credit and praise to whom it is due). As believers we are in warfare some seasons are tougher than others. I was thinking of adam. God gave him a responsibility to tend to the garden and dominion over this particular realm. Until, he for lack of a better expression sold it to the sly satan.

The old testament was a shadow of things to come. I think its safe to say that they were doing natural things to accomplish spiritual results. Now we can see more than the shadow but the very person that was casting it! I don’t think that our responsibilities have changed because we can now operate directly on a spiritual level as long as our relationship with God stands. We are now spiritual gardeners tending to earth cutting the weeds of sin with the two edge sword (which is the word of God) and bearing fruits of righteousness, and every fruit of the spirit! Certainly, God wants us to cut the blinders out like the cares of this world, the lust of the flesh and eyes, also the pride if life! Being an instrument of righteousness by yielding ourselves to God and helping bringing others along the way ( who are revealed to us when those blinders are cut away) ! I hope this thought was a blessing to someone today. Be blessed!!

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I’m trying a new thing… I strongly considering sharing more of my life! Pray for me y’all! I’m considering lettin’ all hang out (yes) flaws and all. Not easy for an introvert like myself. My goal is to keep it real and practical. Showing how i struggle my way to an already predestined victory!! (Just because its predestined does not mean there is no struggle) I love to write but I can be a bit private so again I stress whom ever reads this PLEASE PRAY FERVENTLY for me. My journey may or may not be like yours, it may even be just down right weird😏. We are all different but the common factor is JESUS😊. My hope is that I glorify God and just be used as a mouth piece of his, used to help somebody. Word can be so inspiring just look at the bible😊. Stay tuned!! I’m praying somebody is listening and even if its something you already know, that it still refreshes you😉 I’m also seeking the big “C” criticism so feel free to comment, like or dislike say what you feel ( please nothing hateful just pure straight talk) !!! Alrighty then follow me into the next blog !! Look forward to conversing with you soon!!! Be blessed!!!

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Speak to God he speaks back!!!

Praise the Lord everyone!!!

Loose it out from earth it falls from heaven!!! This passage of scriptures has been on my mind for a long while. Daniel 10 and Matthew 18:18-20. Words we speak defines the course of our life. Its by the mouth we pray to God. Its by our mouth we build up or tear down!!! It’s why share things with our spouse, family, friends, therapist or whom ever our choice of confiding in or venting to…. We use our mouth.

Its one of the most powerful tool we have. Good created us in his image and shared some of his ability. He spoke the world into existence (proverbs 8:24-) … It doesn’t get any more powerful than that!! A few simple words and we exist!!! The thoughts of God’s imagination is always intended for our peace, good and has no depth. This means its infinite alway beneficial!! He has given its an expected end Jeremiah 29:11!!! As humans we piggy back off of Gods ideals and can be inspired by what he gives us!!! But without his inspiration our thoughts would be like babies making decisions without wisdom and experience!!! Praise God for his wisdom and as he says in his word all we have to do is ask for wisdom and he gives it liberally (James 1:5). With wisdom, faith and the use of our mouth we have the ability to speak life, to speak those things that be not as though they were!!! It has to exist because we are made in the likeness of the image of our creator. Hopeful this its encouraging and clear that we are predestined for victory!! Life and death ( of every circumstance, situation or problem) is in the power of the tongue!!!

In Daniel 10 the smell of the Lord explained how the moment Daniel decided to pray and fast God sent a solution. Daniel prayed his words left earth hit heaven and released an answer!!! Even though Daniel could not see the results of his prayer immediately in this case but what he spoke caused a breakthrough!!!

Don’t give up God listens!!!

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Hey check this out!!!

Praise the Lord!!! If you are reading this then you are invited!! I wanted to let all who are in search of a church home or just wanting to visit that we have a Jesus centered, Holy Spirit filed, bible based, loving  Ministry by the name of New Covenant Located at 3084 Woodrow St. Memphis, Tn. at 11:30 am. As well as a Television Ministry on Channel 14 (Comcast viewers) every Friday at 6:30 PM and every Sunday at 11:00 Pm. If you are seeking God or just trying to figure life out I guarantee you will not want tho miss this. We have powerful anointed teaching and preaching God truly graces us with his presence in this place!!! No matter who you are everyone needs the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongue (outward manifestation of having the Holy Ghost) and baptized (completely submerged in water) in Jesus name!!! So if you have a need or just want to come to a church with sound doctrine and good edification come & visit New Covenant!!! Have questions or comments feel free to contact me. Hope to see you praising with us soon  in Jesus name!!!! Be Blessed!!

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The Secret Place?

Ever read the bible and wonder… where is it? How to get there? etc… why isn’t there an obvious step by step direction so I can just get there already and move to the next level. Wish it worked that way 🙂 Humans well I’ll speak for myself “I can be so thick headed”. that was hard just to write!  I used to pray that I wouldn’t have  to go through hard times, trials, tribulations or you know anything that might put just a little fire under me. yeah I know, really that’s life right one big test! I wonder if anyone else has ever thought that way. My pastor would be preaching and even though the sermon may not have originated with trials God would use him to slip it in the message to count it all joy or just simply remind us that trials and test come to make you stronger, build faith, and bring you closer to God. For me this is one of those things that I knew but some times fully understand or appreciate it until you have certain experiences ! I mean really it may be slightly difficult to be thankful for health unless you have been sick. That relief after overcoming sickness is amazing!

Anyway I was listening to a sermon today,  by Bishop W.L. Bonner called the secret place that was reconfirmed what my Pastor Bishop A. Norwood and my husband already said. It spoke about the secret place of God. Our Pastor gave my hubby and I this chapter a few years ago to hold on to in tough times, Psalms 91. I had a thought today about just wanting more. More out of my relationship with God, just all around life.Being I have an appointed amount of time on earth I want to get so deep in God that I can’t describe how far or place any measurement on it. That guys requires steadfastness, determination, and oh yeah suffering. I  realize now why I did thought of suffering as a negative. That is because in the flesh it is ! The flesh is bossy and disobedient (hints one reason fasting is so important). The carnal part of us hates pain and really anything that doesn’t feel good. That’s exactly one of the reasons why God uses trial to keep our flesh in submission and cause the Spirit to rule. ” James 1:2 KJV} My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations; {1:3} Knowing [this,] that the trying of your faith worketh patience. {1:4} But let patience have [her] perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing. Wanting nothing really! The cares of this world fall of the petestal and God becomes top priority. God has such a strange way of doing things (well strange to human logic). I am noticing (I’m a working progress over here) once I stop being so resistant to what is really the Lord’s way of trying to teach me and mold me into being more like him, I can get to the secret place ! Which is more in depth with God! I want to be like abraham, I want Jesus to call me his friend !

I’m very curious to know if anyone feel this way like me? Welcome to my mind LOL! Comments anyone?


Looking For a Church in Memphis, TN?

Praise the Lord!!! I wanted let all who are in search of a church home or just wanting to visit that we have a God centered, bible based, loving  Ministry by the name of New Covenant Located at 3084 Woodrow St. Memphis, Tn. As well as a Television Ministry on Channel 14 (Comcast viewers) every Friday at 6:30 PM and very Sunday at 11:00 Pm. Hope see praising with us soon Be Blessed!!

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