Good Edification

it's all about Jesus😍


on May 13, 2019

He chose to love me …when I had no love for him

He chose to bear my sins… allowing me to share his righteousness.

He chose to deliver me… From destruction yes even from self destruction.

He chose to pursue me… I ran with my eyes covered peeping through my hands until he peeled back the veil to show me my choice of road

He chose to call me again and again… I FINALY ran to him with my answer YES.

He chose to save me…Before I fully understood redemption.

He chose to fill me with his Spirit… He sealed me with his Spirit now I speak with other tongues.

He chose to covenant with me… Now i can have the promises too.

He chose to never forsake me…

He chose to live in me…

He chose to protect me…

He chose to give me grace …

He chose to give me mercy…

He chose to keep me…

He chose he chose me.

He chose to love me.

I chose to worship him.

…to adore him.

…to seek him.

…to praise him.

…to share him.

…to give my life back to him.

Thank you Jesus!!!

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