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Thought for today: Spiritual gardeners trajectory

on February 23, 2019

So the Lord laid this in my mind (I have to give credit and praise to whom it is due). As believers we are in warfare some seasons are tougher than others. I was thinking of adam. God gave him a responsibility to tend to the garden and dominion over this particular realm. Until, he for lack of a better expression sold it to the sly satan.

The old testament was a shadow of things to come. I think its safe to say that they were doing natural things to accomplish spiritual results. Now we can see more than the shadow but the very person that was casting it! I don’t think that our responsibilities have changed because we can now operate directly on a spiritual level as long as our relationship with God stands. We are now spiritual gardeners tending to earth cutting the weeds of sin with the two edge sword (which is the word of God) and bearing fruits of righteousness, and every fruit of the spirit! Certainly, God wants us to cut the blinders out like the cares of this world, the lust of the flesh and eyes, also the pride if life! Being an instrument of righteousness by yielding ourselves to God and helping bringing others along the way ( who are revealed to us when those blinders are cut away) ! I hope this thought was a blessing to someone today. Be blessed!!

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