Good Edification

it's all about Jesus😍


on December 12, 2018

I’m trying a new thing… I strongly considering sharing more of my life! Pray for me y’all! I’m considering lettin’ all hang out (yes) flaws and all. Not easy for an introvert like myself. My goal is to keep it real and practical. Showing how i struggle my way to an already predestined victory!! (Just because its predestined does not mean there is no struggle) I love to write but I can be a bit private so again I stress whom ever reads this PLEASE PRAY FERVENTLY for me. My journey may or may not be like yours, it may even be just down right weird😏. We are all different but the common factor is JESUS😊. My hope is that I glorify God and just be used as a mouth piece of his, used to help somebody. Word can be so inspiring just look at the bible😊. Stay tuned!! I’m praying somebody is listening and even if its something you already know, that it still refreshes you😉 I’m also seeking the big “C” criticism so feel free to comment, like or dislike say what you feel ( please nothing hateful just pure straight talk) !!! Alrighty then follow me into the next blog !! Look forward to conversing with you soon!!! Be blessed!!!

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